What men are not talking about

Any psychologist will confirm: he has many more customers at times less than women. If a man came to therapy, he threw off the “White Flag” and “baked” him so that it is no longer possible to cope with the usual instruments – the advice of friends, baths and fishing. So what do men with therapists share?

In emotional terms, men live more difficult in this world than women: there are too many social prohibitions and attitudes. Men do not cry-men are upset, as the hero of the film “Ata-Baty, soldiers said”. They should not ask for help. You can’t suffer from unrequited love. You can’t be offended. Of the socially approved emotions, only anger remains for them when it is allowed to be angry and splashing aggression.

“Men are grown in more restrictions and requirements than women,” says family psychotherapist Maria Dyachkova. – They do not have such an option – seek support. In their DNA, “not stitched” that someone can help them, listen, not condemn, accept their different feelings, will not laugh at their tears ”.

As a rule, the main source of conflicts is a family. And what understanding can be found in the family if there are interested parties?

“The household cannot give support in such a way that it is important for him now to get it. For example, he needs to express his anger, but for his family it may look like a disaster. “.

A psychologist’s office for a stronger sex


is often the only security island. But here for a man everything is not so simple. Often he is not ready to trust right away and put his problem directly. And comes in “around the corner”.

“Make a son studies well”

Often, men first conduct reconnaissance through group psychotherapy or trainings. First, the least painful, socially allowed topics are selected: money, success. How to earn more, how to become more powerful, how to turn into an alpha male and get numerous fans? That is, how to become an even greater conqueror, without weaknesses and problems.

If they open to the group, then not at the first session, but closer to the end. Or do not open at all and, looking at the leader and “at this psychology”, decide on personal therapy, where they bring what they cannot share with anyone else. And even in personal therapy, a man is rarely ready to immediately recognize his own problems.

There are two main options for male sunset due to the corner. In the first version, he brings to the reception of loved ones, who, in his opinion, have difficulties in life (“I am here for the sake of a son or wife, help her, but everything is fine with me”.But it often happens that relatives eventually remain overboard, and the man himself begins to work actively, opening and realizing a lot of new things about himself.

In the second option, a man brings a topic lying on the surface, and then, in the process of competent therapy, goes to deep requests.







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