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They looked like granny panties but with much tighter, flatter fronts that sucked in every belly bump and lump. The ’90s supermodel’s crop blazer top and high waisted pants is a look we still love today. Robert Simonson, Brett Esler. They were worn by all classes, low to high, and for all seasons. With our browser extension, you will never miss out on discount and voucher code again. It might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but those who dared to try it stood out. You can find affordable clothes for men in thrift stores and second hand shops at great and amazing deals with mouth watering discounts in retail outlets. The brand offers timeless pieces that are built to last. More https://goldengooseshoponlinesale.com/golden-goose-mid-star/ and more people crave a certain level of simplicity to life that was present during early 00s and late 90s fashion. Pleated skirts came in view, too, topped often by middies another Chanel ism or an overblouse. They may also work closely with sales and marketing teams to develop strategies for bringing their designs to market. Great quality, great details. The Monte Carlo is a classic cocktail dating at least as far back as 1948, according to Difford’s Guide. Pair a diamante embellished tee with a super mini skirt and oversized hoop earrings, or dress it down with low rise denim jeans and flip flops. They say to forget the past, but when it comes to your closet, it’s easier said than done. Coined by Christian Dior, the term “cocktail dress” originally described a calf length dress worn for gatherings held between 6 and 8 p. Also, the preppy style with prep jackets, shirts, shorts in bright colors, and equestrian aesthetics was embraced by urban culture in the 90s. Sign up for our mailing list by sending an email to with the following text in the email body leave the title blank: SUB pace psci. Read our Cookie Policy. Technology, Information and Internet. Following this Matches received £60m from Apax. CrewTodd SnyderWarby Parker. Of course, men in the 30s also watched movies, so when Clark Gable skipped the undershirt in It Happened One Night in 1934, apparently, the undershirt sales plummeted. It seems to romanticize a time period before the civil rights movement and before integration.

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Frugal male fashion is a style of dressing that emphasizes affordability, practicality, and comfort. The company allows returns for up to 30 days after the date of your purchase. A d vertisement b y Etsy seller Advertisement from Etsy seller AmorByAnshul From shop AmorByAnshul. Always love your recipes. In the ’90s, your denim had to be from Girbaud. Thank you Ashreen for the wonderful comment. Log in or sign up to save this recipe. The CNN host’s key to a great wardrobe. Afterpay US Services, LLC, NMLS ID 1870854 NMLS Consumer Access. Thin knit stripe ties were another option with square or fringed tips. By signing up for email, you agree to Fashion Nova’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Thank you for taking time to share your suggestion. The Y2K aesthetic has made a significant comeback, bringing many iconic trends from the early 2000s. FFXIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, is out now. Hi Baba, so glad to hear this helped you. Contacted customer service and they recommended me to keep the dresses because it would be too expensive and too difficult to return them to India. You saw morning coats that sometimes had two or three buttons. However, the popularity of grunge and alternative rock music helped bring the simple, unkempt grunge look to the mainstream by that period. The “Flaming Youth” as they became known, felt they needed to live their lives now, because the future they said, wasn’t guaranteed. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. You have a few options with your ice, but we have a preferred one for an Old Fashioned. People were making more money in the 50s, and even teens were able to focus more on investing in fun and new items to extend their wardrobe. Or, if you’re meeting bae’s parents and gotta look nice, chinos and a polo shirt should do the trick. Men could also choose from various lengths to suit their preference—from cropped versions to full length coats.

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Discover the latest from Olivia von Halle at MATCHES. The 80s also saw a lot of fun elements in formalwear for men. The truth is, we live in a global economic system that sees the exploitation of people and the environment as a fantastic opportunity to make huge profits. The CNN host’s key to a great wardrobe. Would I wear this again. It makes mixing and getting the appropriate amount of sweetness much easier. Younger men who were more amenable had adopted the Caesar cut, either natural or dyed. You can learn all about fashion illustration with Hunar Online courses. She has turned a hobby into VintageDancer. We used the Angel’s Envy bourbon and the Maraska cherries. The studded leather jackets, ripped jeans, band tees, and large leather boots which the hip hop artists wore were quickly adopted by the masses. Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox. Please confirm your identity by clicking the link in the email we sent to to get access to your account and past purchases. Think: wearing dresses over pants, donning chunky belts that weighed your outfit down instead of keeping your bottoms in place, and bedazzling just about everything. Favored fabrics were silk and satin, often with a lace overlay. Fuego Down Vest Men’s. Tracksuits, athletic shorts, workout tanks, and more were commonly worn for exercise and casual attire, blurring the lines between fashion and function. Some women did though: they did all of those things. The internet loves niches – so much so that each niche sooner or later has to break down into a series of even smaller, more specific trends. The likes of Bluemarine, Balenciaga, Diesel and Dsquared are currently incorporating Y2K elements in their capsule collections through their use of denim, metallic finished and velour. A utility style jacket looks so good in this olive green. Compared to the 80s, it was a decade that embraced bold experimentation and a laid back, casual approach. We may use information collected about you on our site to suggest other products and offers. I have never received more compliments in my life and truly have saved so much time and stress before events. Clothing was mostly made in black, though silver was also fashionable. They have to look at a final garment and then they can say, “Oh that skirt will go right with this top” or “that dress would look great with these shoes. “Nicole Richie, Anorexic Again,” “Sandra Bullock, Obsessed With Being Skinny” and “Mary Kate, Going to Extremes” are just a few toxic examples. Most ’80s trendy sweaters were decorated in the form of knitted patterns made of different colored yarns.

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BE A MODEL FOR CHANGE: SLOW YOUR STYLE. During this era Vogue gave credit to this new cut for the immense success of the hat business. The Group has 2200 employees in 20 countries. I am a new at home cocktail maker and it has been a real joy to get to make and enjoy my favorite drink at home. Low hip: around fullest part of bottom BUM, not hipbones. Sometimes, there is a prompt formula that works better with a specific style be appealing to its details. Reviewed 1 year 9 months ago. We always try to source locally first. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. Pattern Cutter, Halfpenny London — London, United Kingdom. Presenting our Luxury Looms KALKI WEAVES Timeless sarees crafted with Luxury, woven with authenticity. Tight cycling shorts were worn as streetwear with square, baggy t shirts. Apple iPhone: 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, SE 2nd Gen, X, XR, XS, XS Max. Apple iPhone: 12 mini,13 mini, 11, SE 3rd Gen. Her clients include Guerlain, Bulgari, and Revlon New York. These baggy pants that were often khaki came to just below the knee. And why choose a tennis outfit with the 1920s style, you might ask. The highest 90s moment of the bike shorts was reached when Princess Diana was spotted wearing her De Marchi orange biker shorts in the park. Victoria’s Secret is one of America’s most famous lingerie brands. Experience in retail can be useful too. With age on the right side of 30, they had a spring in their step and put more emphasis on their outward appearance than any other age group. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Gentlemen also paired the look with dress shirts, sweaters and silk neckties. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Plus Fours ended four inches below the knee – a kind of really baggy, long shorts, worn with colourful stockings. For practicality however, knitted wool or cotton vest and knickers were probably more usually worn. Delivery — Value ChainMatchesfashion purchases clothing and accessories at wholesale prices and store the stock in warehouses that it owns or rents. The Grand Prix of Scottsdale Gatsby Weekend benefitted Southwest Human Development.


Haberdasher Joseph Haspel of New Orleans created his first cotton seersucker fabric in 1908. That said, you don’t have to relegate them to the colder months. Take your pick from our large selection of vintage ’80s sweaters or dig one up at your local thrift store. Style Notes: This is classic ’80s Madonna, but the underwear/bodysuit look is bang on the money for now. We all experience it. For instance the peach anarkali suit with mirror emrboidered neckline, or the salmon pink or greenish grey anarkali suit with Lucknowi thread embroidery will give anyone a run for their money. Style Notes: While Kim Kardashian West has been a major factor as to why waist belts have gotten popular again, we can’t deny that Cyndi Lauper may have started the trend. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker still looks amazing. Check out the benefits of becoming a Midlibrary Patron ↗︎.

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From services to everything; it was so amazing. This is Molly Ringwald’s look for the 59th Academy Awards. Cotton Dark Academia Sweet Knitted Puff Sleeve Sweater With Mini Skirt. Style Notes: This stunning blush pink red carpet look remains one of the most iconic dresses of all time. By using these Fashion Nova coupon codes, you can have your orders delivered right to your address either for free or for a fraction of the total cost of the whole shipment. Popular brands like Giorgio Armani, who dressed Richard Gere in the iconic film American Gigolo, led the way in revolutionizing men’s suiting. This is why you should implement frugal male fashion. Mitumba clothing had been imported into Tanzania and Kenya since the economic liberalisation of the early 1990s, and was more desirable than newly made Chinese textiles due to its higher quality of construction and recognizable brand labels. With its low cost appeal driven by trends straight off the runway, fast fashion was a significant factor in the fashion industry’s growth. In the ’80s, hip hop fashion was like the loud beat in a Run DMC track–unmissable and full of swagger. However, if we start to take proactive steps towards advocating for a green friendly fashion industry and becoming an environmentally conscious consumer, we can finally slow down climate change. In recent years, Dolce and Gabbana has faced controversy over some of its designs and advertising campaigns, but the brand has continued to thrive in the fashion industry.

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Since Swedish textile recycler Renewcell began operations at its first commercial scale recycling plant last year, its biggest focus has been ramping up supply. For news alerts and updates, go here. Often cuffed and worn tight to the skin, the style is sometimes referred to as ‘clam diggers. Suit skirts were straight and form fitting, tapered and pleated. Date of experience: August 01, 2023. Pioneered by avant garde British designers like Mary Quant, the mini skirt began with UK popularity before making its way across the pond to US shoppers. They also came in abstract patterns, argyle, Fair Isle, solid pastels, and smooth or cable knits. This included sweaters, baggy pants, jumpers, caps, and a wide range of accessories that allowed people to express themselves through their attire. Rounded and Oversized Sunglasses. A luxardo is best, but a bada bing will do. Before launching her beauty empire and marrying David Bowie, Iman was a muse to many of the fashion greats, including Yves Saint Laurent, and it’s easy to see her sophisticated grace and elegant style were in high demand. 1929 felt hats – homburgs and snap brim fedora. And while horizontal stripes had been popular for years, it was vertical stripes that really took off in the 80s. Camiknickers for 4 coupons, a pair of wedge shoes for 5. The existing east wing debuted on October 1, 2003, following renovations. At the 1999 ESPY Awards, supermodel and fashion icon Tyra Banks wore an ultra coordinating look—her rose hair clips matched the floral print on her dress and shoes. You can explore different companies and websites that sell original jackets. The story of how the partnership between Nike and Jordan came to be is the centre of Ben Affleck’s new film Air 2023, which is shaping up to be one of the best movies of the year. This was a functional approach that later translated into hip hop music and beyond as a means of saying: “Don’t mess with me. Liv Tyler was the ultimate ’90s babe—who could forget her role, alongside Alicia Silverstone, in the ’93 video for Aerosmith’s “Crazy. The outrageous Oscars getups get a lot of the focus when it comes to Cher’s ’80s fashion, but for us, it’s the iconic leather jacket, no pants necessary, that she wore performing “If I Could Turn Back Time” on the battleship USS Missouri that was truly unforgettable.

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Beloved by the ’50s jet set, high waisted shorts were essential resortwear—think weekends in Cannes and honeymoons in Acapulco—while teens quickly adopted them as a chic summer uniform. My humble little thrifted jacket, which isn’t even silk, has a looooong way to go. When you have a personal uniform, or at least you know your style, you won’t be tempted to buy anything that falls outside of it. Dennis Quaid should have matched her. Overall, I really enjoy the fabric choices of the decade. Darlene Hammond/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. The skirt isn’t incredibly sheer, but having the liner cut off so high up on my thighs made me feel like I could be on the verge of an embarrassing moment at any time. And now, you saw more one or two button morning coats. The skirt was a hacked up one ish yard remnant from this 30’s skirt, the collar and sleeves came from this 1910’s era suit, and a rich brown soft vintage linen napkin set became the bodice and pocket for the dress. And properly craving for a tea party in the woods, sipping, pinky up, from a tiny antique teacup. Fashion Nova steers clear of boring activewear and flaunts a collection of fun prints and patterns on their leggings. If you want some more exciting ideas, keep experimenting with your frugal fashion collection. The old building would later be demolished in 2016. Related Premium Searches. SHOP: Vintage ’90s hoops.

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Remember how often you wore strapless bras that nearly cut off your circulation and inevitably gave you back rolls. These outfits are just as much Y2K as anything else, although they don’t feel like they capture the era in quite the same way velvet track pants do. The content creator believes one does not need to follow the trend to the T but one could imbibe parts of it and make it their own. Here’s a refresher on which Y2K and early ’00s styles to add to—or dig out of—your closet. While some may view the fashion of this decade as over the top, there is no denying that the style was unforgettable. The VOU Magazine is part of LARA Media Group publishing family. Msg frequency varies. Come back when you’re older. Y2K fashion first emerged during the tumultuous years of Covid and has since become a staple in every Gen Zs as well as some cool millennials wardrobe. Ryder was the ultimate ’90s It girl. They cannot be abusive or personal. Shop Harvest and Mill. Free climate compensated shipping. The contaminated water eventually runs off into the sea, exacerbating the pollution of our oceans. If you want to be trendy and keep your closet neat and minimal, Nuuly might be your best option. The overproduction and poor quality of fast fashion, however, has increasingly challenged donation centers and secondhand clothing shops that struggle to keep up with the volume of donations and find it difficult to sell inferior products. Those leggings you lived in during lockdown just need a tee and leather jacket. Men also began to wear less formal daily attire and athletic clothing or ‘Sportswear’ became a part of mainstream fashion for the first time. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Even the height of your heels were under observation. This was on of the low price items on this website, I would be so much more upset with this whole experience if I paid one of more premium items they sell. Burberry shocked the world by accidentally leaking details of its £26 million bonfire of luxury goods in 2018. The American fashion designer launched his eponymous luxury brand in 2005 and won the Best International Designer in 2000 as one of the most famous contemporary stylists in high fashion, high end accessories, and clothing. Silk was highly desired for its luxurious qualities, but the limited supply made it expensive. Layering is key, and there are a plethora of possibilities for sweater season.


Men’s clothing in stylish cuts, colors, and fits. Learn about training available in your area. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street,New York,NY 10036. Meanwhile, Tom Ford referenced his own sexed up archive from his influential days at the helm of Gucci. They are soft, the material they use is amazing. Sewing history in the fast lane. Sure, the hat isn’t out and out terrible, but with the saturation of trashy trillbys at nearly every big box retailer, the classic style of the fedora was tarnished beyond foreseeable repair. Other popular 80s leather jacket styles were the double rider and cafe racer jackets, with an option to customize them to your liking. Also, while everyone wore them, you could still find a lot more spectator or two tone shoes than you can find today. Society girls who were breathlessly reported on in Harpers and Queen loved their velvet and taffeta party dresses – a tight, sometimes strapless black velvet or sequinned bodice down to the waist or hip with an explosion of pouffed up colourful silk taffeta below, to knee length or thereabouts. Sometimes a bit violent, but a true representation of the seamier side of prohibition. Do you still have any of these items hiding in the back of your closet. Slapping yourself on the wrist was never more fun. Alternative titles for this job. You really can’t mess this one up. Classic and vintage Victorian Gothic statement pieces including. The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. The short nature of the clothes seemed to be a recurring theme, seeing as all the shirts that I purchased are basically crop tops. Date December 13, 2023. Spats were originally intended for outdoor use to keep shoes clean, they became a fashion statement for evening attire. “It encompasses all of the same basic spirit driven elements but with a lot more seasonal complexity,” said Ryan. The quest for a truly modern form of clothing was epitomised by the ‘paper dress’. These blouses wrapped around the body and tied on one side of the hip.

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Please, allow our Technical Department up to 24 hours to set up your Personal Library. Yet, there is not enough relevant information about what Primark is doing to reduce its huge environmental footprint. European Clothing Action Plan Used Textile Collection in European Cities CAP Textile collection in European cities full report with summary. You could also do your own research on the company’s practices before buying. On the opposite end, if we let the genre go without any critique, I think that it can do a lot of damage too. Define a menu with kids holiday deals. We don’t know about you, but after years of living in nothing but athleisure and loungewear, we can’t wait to step outside my cozy comfort zone. The overriding jewellery look for the elegant 1950s lady was a string, or a double string, of graduated real pearls, designed to fall to the collar bone. The most popular Chuck Taylor style was the high top version. Digital Comic Museum; Fox Feature Syndicate; Wikimedia Commons; CCA. Meet Alphadi – world renowned fashion designer drawing upon histories and cultures from across the continent. To make a piece of fabric hang and drape in sinuous folds and stretch over the round contours of the body, fabric pattern pieces can be cut not on the straight grain, but at an angle of 45 degrees. The striped fabric I was working with soon became more than solely an aesthetic or historically based choice but ended making the pattern I was working with easier to construct than it would have been otherwise. Westwood remained a prominent designer throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Their stockings often reflected the shade of the shoe. As of 2014, the mall had 250 stores. I’ve been dreaming about these boots. The team at Kalki went over and beyond and kept communication with us at every step of the way. If you cancel account before 24 credits, credits stop and balance on required finance agreement may be due; contact us. Brands like Polo, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein launched college styled jackets, trousers, and shirts in pastel colors with stripes. Links to external Internet sites on Library of Congress Web pages do not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the content of their Web sites or of their policies or products. By signing up for email, you agree to Fashion Nova’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. But I have to say that the classic bourbon and sugar cube combo will never let you down. Dining options will please any palate with choices such as Nobu, Francine, Toca Madera, Ocean 44, Kona Grill, and Tocaya Organica. In the late 2000s, there was a craze for fake eyelashes, started by Lady Gaga. In Britain, the scandalous Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the ex King Edward and Wallis Simpson, despite their shocking status the King had renounced his throne in order to married the divorcee were both considered the epitome of style.

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After a month of waiting I started emailing them. You could fill an entire list of ’80s outfits with just a highlight reel of Princess Diana’s looks of the decade — her infamous black sheep sweater and her world famous wedding gown, to name a few — but this jeans, sweatshirt, and blazer combo exemplifies what made the People’s Princess such an icon of casual style. Paired with leather jackets, ripped shirts, and an attitude of defiance, these jeans were uniform for those who felt marginalized or misunderstood. The stacked footwear dominated the 70s fashion decade with several variations, from glam rock in metallic leather to clog like shapes and the simplest sandal form with wide straps. Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, IN. These circular adornments ranged from small and subtle to large and dramatic, catering to various fashion moods. Fashion Designers Q Z. Icons of the time, like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, transformed denim from mere fabric to a cultural phenomenon. Among the various issues regarding fast fashion and how its industry has been able to boom, the various destructive effects on the environment remain a major concern. Normally, it is the parents who want to dust off the shoe boxes full of old photos and wax on about how cute we were when we were younger — not that we can blame them because we were, obviously, the cutest. They showed no concern or regard.

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I was accused of stealing the items. The goal was to make a woman’s waist look very tiny. Fur was a luxury item and an important gift or something a woman would save for, but it came in all grades and prices: sable, mink, chinchilla, silver fox and Persian lamb were at the top of the market; marmot, muskrat and lamb at the middle and at the bottom, rabbit was dyed and sheared to resemble anything you wanted. The Italian designer’s collaborations with Salvador Dalí and Jean Cocteau resulted in some of the most unconventional and eccentric fashion creations ever. Captcha failed to load. Well, that all depends on who you ask. Vintage boutiques and online platforms offer a treasure trove of authentic 1940s pieces, allowing individuals to connect with the style and spirit of the era. If you have cancelled lines in past 90 days, you may need to reactivate them first. You may need to pass a test to get a license to do the job. She often favored tailored silhouettes, with figure flattering dresses that accentuated her natural beauty. I absolutely love FashionPass. With the turn of the millennium, the idea was for women to capture a futuristic, space age style, with makeup including bronze specks for a metallic shine with ecstatic colors. Fashion Pass is a clothing rental subscription service for women. Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers. When it came to 1960s fashion, it was a decade that saw the rise of style, music, and culture. 1980s perfumes weren’t about celebrity names as they are now, but designer names really hit the spot. Hats were already popular among men and women. Low rise jeans, in particular, were a hallmark of early 2000s fashion, often paired with crop tops or butterfly tops to show off a hint of midriff. Naturally, they are not representative of real artists’ works/real world prototypes. Required fields are marked. Pesticide Action Network UK. FFXIV will get many things for its 10th anniversary, but before the game reaches that milestone and we enjoy the events, it’s time to look at the Fashion Report of week 290.


Brands like Polo, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein launched college styled jackets, trousers, and shirts in pastel colors with stripes. Maya Jama really makes us want to rock the Y2K trend. You can filter all items according to the brand, style, color, size, and other parameters to find exactly what you want. But the excitement that comes from these experiences – whether learning them for the first time or passing them along to the next generation – creates unforgettable feelings that deserve to last forever. Retail Apparel and Fashion. Spend $250 or more, and you’ll receive both the Tote AND our Sparkle Butterfly Crossbody designed by Britney Drumheller. And success as a sustainability executive can open doors to the top job, as in the case of Helena Helmersson, who was appointed CEO of HandM in 2020 after serving as the company’s head of sustainability. Most of these coats had raglan sleeves and a military type collar that fastened just below the woman’s neck. I think of it as a mix between an English librarian, Harry Potter, and Taylor Swift’s video wardrobe styling as seen in “All Too Well 10 minute version”. In 1922, skirts went off from the ankle and reached mid shin. It came in neutral to bright colors and usually had some form of color blocking or Chevron stripes on the chest. So, who’s ready to rock some throwback threads. We are thankful for the recommendations made by you. Solution: The team, before making changes to the original hamburger menu, used VWO Insights’ capabilities to assess how users were interacting with it. Some other popular platform shoes of the 90s were ‘Flatforms,’ ‘Lace Up Platforms,’ ‘Sneaker Platforms, ‘ and ‘Foam Flip Flop Platforms. The 80s saw a surge in male piercings, with jewellery becoming a more acceptable form of self expression. During the 70s, clogs typically featured leather uppers, chunky wooden platform soles and heels, and visible metal nailhead trims. Art deco still influenced designs in the earlier part of the decade, but women preferred more simple styles as the years went on. Someone bring back these exact looks on the runway, please. Social media has been an enormous catalyst in the proliferation of fast fashion. Many authors have already begun doing this. Chuck Taylor All Star Converse shoes were introduced in 1917, and the concept of wearing tennis shoes when doing athletics grew throughout the 1920s. We have looked at what movie costume designers got right and where they missed the mark, even if it was to deliver a specific idea to the audience. Two tacos with red rice and refried beanssalsa verde, shaved romaine, pico de gallo, queso fresco, choice of chicken or short rib. But do any of these brands justify their product’s worth. He’s also making the clothes easy to get. On would be badasses.

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